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Version 49 - 26th August 2018

The font has changed from Arial to Google Sans.

Version 48 - 17th August 2018

metalcube is now coded with Javascript instead of Python, so some things on here
related to metalcube have changed.

Version 47 - 9th August 2018

My icon has changed. Also added a link to my Steam account. Both in About.

Version 46 - 5th August 2018

Changed some spacing in Home.

Version 45 - 4th August 2018

Removed the music section from Home, as it's not really my content.
The coming soon section is now above the featured section.
metalcube's page has been slightly changed.

Version 44 - 21st July 2018

Link to my CuriousCat account is now in About.

Version 43 - 18th July 2018

Removed Activity completely as it takes up space and I no longer use it. Link to my Tumblr account is now in About.

Version 42 - 17th July 2018

There is more spacing at the top of the homepage and my icon has changed again.
There is also links to my other accounts in About. monstercube's info card has
also changed. Removed link to Activity from Home as I don't use it anymore.

Version 41 - 15th July 2018

My icon has changed.

Version 40 - 14th July 2018

metalcube's icon has changed.

Version 39 - 13th July 2018

hello, happy spook day (friday 13th), the emoji on the not found page has changed to look better

Version 38 - 12th July 2018

Updated GalacticJoshua's icon in Friends.

Version 37 - 9th July 2018

I have a new icon now, shown in About.

Version 36 - 1st July 2018

Added the coding program of metalcube in About.

Version 35 - 30th June 2018

I've made a Discord bot, metalcube!

Click here for its page!

Version 34 - 29th June 2018

The SFGB info cards have changed, as there will be new poses in SFGB 6. An icon has changed on Friends.

Version 33 - 25th June 2018

The newest to oldest picture on Videos is now text also and there's a new page for Choceos Live.

Version 32 - 17th June 2018

I changed my icon on About.

Version 31 - 12th June 2018

In Version 31, I added an Activity page, which is basically just Twitter. I'll be
making my own posts, and also embedding some tweets from other people. Yeah when I
said this is just Twitter, it actually is. There is also a link to it on the homepage,
and one more piece of music. Finally, the background has changed so it is easier to see links.


Version 30 - 11th June 2018

There is now a milestones page and a new mode for ATSAGTTR.


Version 29 - 10th June 2018

The version number is now text instead of an image, and the newest to oldest picture
is now text also.

Version 28 - 9th June 2018

The background should now appear more than once on iOS Safari.

Version 27 - 8th June 2018

I added a symbol to my logo, and there should be a new favicon that sizes better
accross devices. I also found out how to stop the background from repeating,
so now there's a gradient background.

Version 26 - 7th June 2018

The only change in Version 26 is that I added Copper to the SFGB Info Cards page.

SFGB 5 Coming Today! - 6th June 2018

Search for Gold Bars Episode 5 is coming today! It is the longest episode of SFGB
so far, and includes voices. When it is available, it will show up here.

Version 25 - 31th May 2018

Version 25 includes two new pages, design and joke images, so now more of the things
I've made are on my website. There is also the same amount of empty space at the
bottom of every page. This update is actually slightly bigger than Version 24 I think,
I just so happened to write it in a smaller post. Here are links to the new pages.

Design | Joke Images

5000 Views! - 30th May 2018

I just reached 5000 views, which is half of 10000! The reason I didn't make a
post for 4000 views is because I don't think I'll do it for milestones at aren't
really that important. I'm going to make a post like this again when and if I get
10000 views on my website.

Version 24 - 30th May 2018

This update is really small, but I'm still going to mention what's new with
each update. So in version 24, I added my icon and some more info in the about
section, including my two setups. I also shortened the title on the Scratch
Accounts page to just Scratch. The not found page is also updated, with a new
picture, caption, and the link back to home is bigger.

Version 23 - 29th May 2018

I re-organized the homepage a bit, moving things around and removing the news
section, so that the page isn't so long. The links under the logo are now all
in one line, and a link to this page has been added so you can still access the
news. On the SFGB and CSV pages, there is now a link to their playlists on
YouTube, and the titles on the Search for Gold Bars and Battle for Gold Bars
page have been shortened to just SFGB and BFGB respectively. Finally, I added a
link back to the homepage on every page and the version is represented slightly
differently. That's it for version 23, possibly one of the biggest
updates on my website.

Chocube 2.0 Redesign - 25th May 2018

I've redesigned Chocube, because the old design was a bit boring.

News Page - 24th May 2018

This website is now version 20, since I've added a news page. Here it is.


CSV 1 Coming Today! - 22th May 2018

CSV 1 is coming today!
When it is available, it will show up here.

Slightly Different Choceos Logo - 15th May 2018

I changed the logo a bit, it's a slightly different font and is no longer a gradient.

Redesigned SFGB Cards Again - 13th May 2018

The SFGB Cards have been remade with gradient backgrounds and a simpler design.
Here is how they looked before.

Redesigned SFGB Cards - 11th May 2018

With the new poses in SFGB 4, the character cards have been updated with the new poses.

SFGB 4 Coming Today! - 11th May 2018

Search for Gold Bars Episode 4 is coming today!
When it is available, it will show up here.

3000 Views! - 30th April 2018

Another 1000 views have gone by. Thanks!

SFGB 3 Coming Today! - 23th April 2018

Search for Gold Bars Episode 3 is coming today!
When it is available, it will show up here.

iPad - 22th April 2018

I got an iPad yesterday! It's this one: I also got an Apple Pencil with it.

SFGB 3 Possible Release Date - 17th April 2018

SFGB 3 is predicted to come out on the 5th May. The script is 5 and a half pages.

Version 10 - 10th April 2018

This website has reached Version 10! It has reached this version by the new redesign of the friends
section, which includes the icons of my friends. Before it was just links, and didn't look that good.

2000 Views! - 8th April 2018

Wow, this website is growing fast! Thanks so much for 2000 views!

Lots of More Music - 8th April 2018

I've added a lot of music, most from Super Mario Odyssey.
By the way, I got Sonic Forces too, so that's nice

SFGB 2 Coming Today! - 7th April 2018

Search for Gold Bars Episode 2 is coming today!
When it is available, it will show up here.

SFGB 2 Coming Tomorrow - 6th April 2018

Search for Gold Bars Episode 2 is coming tomorrow!

ATSAGTTR Page - 4th April 2018

After weeks of being in the coming soon section, it is finally here. It's not too exciting though,
but still. This updates the site to version 5.1.

Click here to visit

SFGB 2 is done! - 30th March 2018

I have finished making Search for Gold Bars 2! It will be up on my channel on the 7th April.

More Music - 26th March 2018

Haven't written in a while. So I have added more things to the music section. Here they are:

Also expect more Bowser art soon btw

1000 Views! - 17th March 2018

Thanks so much for 1000 views!
This website is extremely new, but a bunch of people have already checked it out! Thanks!

Nearly 1000 Views! - 17th March 2018

My website has gotten nearly 1000 views! woah

Transition Complete! - 17th March 2018

This website now has all of the things that my old website did. Yay

Nevermind - 15th March 2018

Added some more stuff in the coming soon list. Anyway, I'm done for today. I'll add more tomorrow.

Nearly Complete! - 15th March 2018

The website nearly has all of the pages planned for it done!

Problem Solved! - 15th March 2018

It's fixed now, not sure what it was but it became normal just by itself so yay

A Problem - 15th March 2018

Some music is turning into SFGB 1. I've put it into a different HTML thing and it's normal, but Neocities is putting the wrong video,
even though the video codes are different. Uh...

Second day of this website! - 15th March 2018

Things have changed quite a bit since the last post. I added a gif, music, more headers, and it overall looks better. Which is good!

Welcome to Choceos! - 14th March 2018

This is the first news post. The website is still very much a work in progress. But anyway, hello!
Here is a picture of what the site looks like now.