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5000 Views! - 30th May 2018

I just reached 5000 views, which is half of 10000! The reason I didn't make a
post for 4000 views is because I don't think I'll do it for milestones at aren't
really that important. I'm going to make a post like this again when and if I get
10000 views on my website.

3000 Views! - 30th April 2018

Another 1000 views have gone by. Thanks!

2000 Views! - 8th April 2018

Wow, this website is growing fast! Thanks so much for 2000 views!

1000 Views! - 17th March 2018

Thanks so much for 1000 views!
This website is extremely new, but a bunch of people have already checked it out! Thanks!

Nearly 1000 Views! - 17th March 2018

My website has gotten nearly 1000 views! woah