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IMPORTANT: metalcube has now been discontinued.

metalcube is a Discord bot made by Choceos, based off of discord.js.
Might be offline most of the time.

Invite metalcube


mc!help: Sends a link to this page.
mc!ping: A sample message, metalcube will reply with pong if working correctly.
mc!invite: Invite metalcube to other servers
mc!shadowcubed: shadowcube your friends!
mc!flamingo: How many shrimps do you have to eat?
mc!sfgb: Sends the latest episode of Search for Gold Bars
mc!csv: Sends the latest episode of CSV
mc!Any Gold Bar Series character: Sends metalcube's reaction to the character mentioned from SFGB/CSV
mc!childishflamingo: a lot of swear words so uh that
mc!caac: jump in the caac
mc!despacito2: you need a high iq to get the e
mc!allstar: All that glitters is gold, only shooting stars break the mould.
mc!wearenumberone: rip stefan karl...
mc!navyseals: Get metalcube to say the whole Navy Seals copypasta
mc!gnomed: Gnome your friends!
metalcube (message here): metalcube is now a simple chatbot, so try saying something!